Keeping up to date with the latest developments in the industry is important. We are continuously adding new products to our range of barber supplies. These are either additions to current product ranges or even new range of products. Some examples of latest additions are as follows: Additions to current ranges, The Shave Factory Barber Capes. These capes are major additions to our range of barbering supplies. They come in all different colors and designs for adults and kids as well. The most popular colors are black, blue, red and burgundy. The available designs are stripe, checkered and burbery.

The Shave Factory premium double edge razor. This razor is the hot selling product of the last couple of months. Its top quality razor with an incredible price tag. That is why it became so popular recently and selling like hot cakes. It comes with a stand and it is adjustable which means you can adjust the level of expose of the blade.

The Shave Factory hair grippers. Hair grippers are hot topic in the hair & beauty industry. They are easy to use and cost effective and stylish as well. So we added these as well to our current range of The Shave Factory products.

The Shibumi Razor. The Shibumi razor is the new addition to range of The Good Fellas Smile razors. The Shibumi became very popular among barbers and barber shops. It is a Japanese style non folding straight razor with interchangeable blades. In a sense, it is a much cheaper version of feather razors and it uses standard blades unlike Feathers. It is sure to maintain its popularity for the near future.

New product ranges:

Marmara Barber Cologne. This new range of after shave colognes are absolutely amazing. Amazing scent and style really. They come in two different sizes; 250 ml. Spray and 500 ml. glass bottle and 4 different scents; No :1,2,3,4. The popularity probably comes from their top price / performance balance. This is not just a regular after shave cologne but rather a mix of perfume and cologne which makes its awesome smell stay on you for the whole day. It is a real bargain for a product that is so refreshing and also possesses perfume properties.
Its sure to become one of our bestselling ranges.

WAHL & the Clipper Accessories. We now stock WAHL clipper accessories. Some of the products we stock are WAHL Finale shaver foil #7043-100, WAHL Finale shaver foil + cutter bar #7043, WAHL 2-hole clipper blade for Magic Clip #2191, WAHL stagger tooth clipper blade for Magic Clip #2161, WAHL clipper blade for mag / beret clipper #2215.

Andis & the Clipper Accessories. We also stock Andis Clipper Accessories. Some of the products we stock for this range are Andis profile lithium shaver replacement foil #17160 and Andis profile lithium shaver replacement foil and cutter bar #17155, Andis t-outliner trimmer blade #4521, Andis Slimline pro li trimmer blade #32105

These includes but not limited to some of our recent additions to our stock. Follow us on our social media accounts and most importantly on our online store to catch up with latest news and additions to our stock.

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