Straight Razors

The traditional straight razor, with its single long blade, is an instrument for the skilled. Mostly used by barbers and professional groomers, the straight razor is the ultimate tool in wet shaving to get a close and clean shave that could last for days. At Shaving Market, we have in stock a wide range of straight razors from world-class brands. All ready to be shipped anywhere in Australia.

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When it comes to straight razors, wet-shaving enthusiasts and those who wish to hone their skills in using this sharp precision instrument safely without getting nicks need to understand the various options and brands available.

The original straight razor is a single-blade that’s more than 2 inches long and doesn't come with a blade replacement option. The blade needs to be sharpened with a leather strop to get the desired sharpness. Due to its blade length, these traditional straight razors only need a few couples of passing to achieve a complete shave at the hands of skilled and trained professional barbers.

However, if you are a beginner interested in honing your wet shaving skills, a shavette razor is a great place to start. The company DOVO, which is still popular for its range of shavettes, coined - Shavette. A shavette razor, in essence, is a traditional straight razor but has a mechanism to change its blades. The standard single edge razor blades or a double-edged razor blade split in two is used in a shavette.

As more and more bloodborne diseases become prevalent, the need to change and use fresh blades for every person is the norm. This helps in increasing the popularity of the shavette, and many brands now have their own mechanism of replacing blades.

Here are the brands and their types of straight razors and shavette razors best suited for professional barbershops you'll find at Shaving Market :

  • The Shaving Factory's standard metal straight razor with snap-lock (high-end model), sliding style for quick blade changes with plastic handles (lightweight).
  • Parker's silver shavette straight razor with blades. It has the unique 'clip to close' mechanism familiar in shavette razors with a high-quality stainless steel handle.
  • Dovo's olive wood handle and stainless steel shavette razors are made in Germany. A great beginner wet shaving razor. Low maintenance and easy use to start the journey towards straight razors.
  • Italian made TGS straight razors with all the detail and styles of a high-end straight razor.
  • Fixed blade cut-throat with a high-hardness stainless steel blade with wooden handle and a storage pouch.
  • Japanese ultimate sharp 'shibumi' straight razor with interchangeable blades.

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