Shaving Market is a global importer and manufacturer of professional beauty, barber and personal care products serving the Australian and New Zealand markets. We sell directly to distributors/wholesalers serving beauty supply stores, salons, barbershops, mass market retail stores, pharmacies, and specialty stores.

Shaving Market Advantage Nº​1
We buy global, sell local. We have supply partners all over the world. We try to make the largest assortment available to you in your vicinity, so that all you would need is focusing on serving your customers only.

Shaving Market Advantage Nº​2
We work hard to provide you with the necessary technological background, so that your orders are processed, shipped, and delivered in the most convenient way. Our B2B web site will meet your expectations in terms of operational excellence.

Shaving Market Advantage Nº​3
You walk to us, we run to you! There is a special opportunity for those who act quickly in partnering with us and benefit from Shaving Market advantages. We will arrange special product lines, and offer price benefits for you.

Shaving Market Advantage Nº​4
We will establish and implement pricing policies in order to ​ensure your profitability. Here we will work with you in a pro-active and constructive way to provide you a tailored policy. We will make sure that you earn, as we work.

Shaving Market’s core values are:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Trust Based business
  • Dependability
  • Public welfare before profitability
  • Environmental care

    We do business keeping in mind and adhering to these core values. Please let us know on how well we do. We are always looking forward to get feedback from our customers a positive one or a complaint. As the book says it all : “A Complaint Is A Gift” as much or more as a “Praise” is.

    Kind Regards,
    Shaving Market Team