For the barber suppliers, there is always a dilemma – where to focus in.

– Cosmetics products that they sell on a regular basis,


– Furniture and barber chairs (even sometimes construction) – which is more of a project type of business.
Both have pros and cons of doing furniture/barber chair. 


– Profitability is high. One good lump sum money. Nice cash inflow – who can say no? 🙂

– The customer becomes a life long cosmetics customer  (if he is happy about the purchase)

– Competition is less (particularly if you are doing a tailor-made project)
But on the other side:

– Generally the producers fail to finish the project on time or in full, and client charges back the cost to the barber supplier – morally or financially.

– While trying to solve miscellaneous issues related to this tailor made projects, barber supplier might neglect the daily standard cosmetics sales business.

– And finally if the project f*cks up, then that customer would never work with you again. 

So, there is a trade-off. 
But still, what we observe is that barber suppliers love to do it. More and more. Good luck, then…

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