Shaving has become highly commercialised thanks to the large number of different brands that cater to a more masculine audience in recent years. Unfortunately, this commercialisation has come with a drawback. There is a significant increase in companies that are offering subscriptions for reasons where they will give you multiple blade cartridges in a month.

Unfortunately, the problem with such offers is that these are some of the most basic safety razors in Australia that money can buy. There have been numerous complaints that even before you can go through the four to five cartridges, you end up having a significant build-up of rust and gunk from moisture on these blades. While it may initially seem that it's an eco-friendly and cost-effective option, the reality is that these types of packages offer very little both in terms of a clean shave, as well as value for money.

Fortunately, there is an elegant and highly effective solution in the form of double edge razor blades.

Double edge razor blades are widely used by many barbers and grooming professionals for the simple reason that they can provide a much smoother and cleaner shave at a highly affordable price point. This is because when an individual shaves with a double edge razor blade then they are forced to replace the blade after each shave. This effectively means that you need to go for a replacement after every single shaving round. The good part is that unlike most safety razors in Australia, double edge razor blades have replacements that are packaged individually. So, each time you are about to shave you are using a fresh and sanitary blade. Furthermore, when you use a fresh blade, you are using it at its sharpest. This is in stark contrast to regular razor blades that tend to become dull over time and with continued use.

Many large conglomerates are selling safety razors in Australia that have five small blades attached to a single razor. While this is sold as a highly effective shaving option, the reality is that when an individual shaves with a cartridge razor blade then the bulk of the shaving is being done by the two blades at the bottom. This occurs due to the lower blades having a better angle to cut the hair off your face when moving the razor in a downward motion as opposed to the upper blades that simply pass over skin that is already shaved. When these upper blades pass over shaved skin, they cause a significant amount of irritation and the user can experience a great deal of tugging and discomfort resulting in an uneven cutting edge.

This is where double edge razor blades can truly shine as they are extremely sharp and completely clean. The person shaving is forced to take shorter and more linear strokes. while shaving with the razor being continuously washed between each pass. This method provides an extremely smooth shave with minimal irritation, as compared to most safety razors in Australia.

But at the end of the day, price is a highly crucial factor for most people who want to buy razor blades. Fortunately, when it comes to the topic of price, then double edge razor blades eliminate the competition.

As mentioned earlier, using cartridge blades is a bad option in terms of cost-effectiveness as an individual can only get full use out of three cartridges before the other two go bad. These cartridges are not particularly cheap due to their higher manufacturing costs and this ends up causing the customer to spend a lot more money. In comparison, double edge razor blades are a fantastic investment as it requires an individual to only buy one razor and then keep switching blades for each shave. On paper, this might seem more expensive until you consider that razor blades for double edge razor blades are extremely cheap to the point where even if an individual uses a fresh blade every day, then costs will still be much lower than any other shaving subscription service. Combined with the significantly better shaving experience, double edge razor blades are the clear winner when it comes to most safety razors in Australia.

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