Safety Razor Blades

No matter how much a bearded look is in trend these days, the clean-shaven look never goes out of style. Plus, if you love changing up your look, a safety razor is your best friend. The double-edged safety razor blades in Australia are as pure and simple as they have been. The technology might have changed and evolved into cartridge-based razors, but the razor blades for shaving are still in the running for getting the absolutely perfect neat clean-shaven look.

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Double-edge razor blades are also called DE blades, and most types of DE blades fit into all types of safety razors out there. However, if you have to choose the right safety razor blades in Australia for you, then the only way is to try them all yourself. At Shaving Market, we encourage you to try out the various makes of double-edge safety razor blades available in Australia to find what suits you best. Each razor blade brand is different from one another in its sharpness and the coating over the blades.

From 'the best a man can get’, Gillette safety razor blades to the mild Merkur or the Japanese precision of Feather razor blades, you can find versatile brands at Shaving Market. Extremely sharp blades may be best used when you have honed the skills and know your way with a safety razor. Its aggression needs to be tamed well. A duller safety razor blade is a good starting point to understand whether your skin is prone to any sensitivities. After due experimenting with various types of double-edge safety razor blades available in Australia, we are sure you'll find your favorite brand.

Regardless of the type of safety razor blades you need in Australia, you can find all the major brands with their varying sharpness levels in our online store. Gillette, Astra, Derby, Feather, Wilkinson Sword, Shark, or Merkur in multiple finish quality – extra, premium, platinum, and superior, are the popular double-edged razor blades needed by a professional barbershop. And best of all, you can enjoy buying these regular supplies at a great price because of our direct factory sourcing.

Double Edge Razor Blades

If you are a professional barber looking for regular supplies of single-edge and double-edge razor blades continuously on a weekly or monthly basis, then you have come to the right place. At the Shaving Market, we have various options, great prices and convenient shopping options bundled together. So, whether you need razor blades for shaving with cutthroats or safety razors, find the most extensive collection of double-edged razor blades with us, and get industry-best prices with easy shipping options across Australia.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, razor blades are prone to lose their sharpness over time and this includes double-edged razor blades. If you feel that the shave is catching and dragging on your face, instead of a smooth cutting sensation, then it's time for you to get your blades changed. Keep in mind that skin and hair are different for multiple people. So certain men might require a new blade each time they shave while others could easily stretch a single blade for up to a week. A standard rule of thumb is to ensure that you change your razor blades for shaving every 3 to 5 shaves.

There are multiple highly common materials used to make razor blades in Australia. Most safety razor blades in Australia tend to be made of a steel alloy. Certain razor blades would be made of carbon steel which boasts a significantly better edge but cannot have the same longevity as stainless steel which takes an extremely long time to corrode. Many razor blades in Australia are coated in PTFE to help increase the smoothness of the shave. Depending on the type of razor blade you want to purchase, you can inquire about their manufacturing details to get a much better idea of the type of blade you are getting.

Razor technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over time. In today's day and age, most double edge razor blades have zero issues with interchangeability and you can rest assured that every single razor brand will hold any brand of blade. The difference lies with cartridge razors which are a lot more specific. There is a multitude of cartridge razor styles that will only fit in a specific handle and cannot be interchanged. This includes the Mach3, Fusion, and Trac II, all for which you need to get specific cartridges only.

The longevity of safety razor blades in Australia strongly depends on the level of care that is afforded to the razor as well as the frequency of use and the length of hair. You need to ensure that you wipe down the blade after each shaving session while taking care to store your razor in a cabinet that is completely dry. Leaving razors in the bathroom is a bad idea. as there is always a high chance of the moisture dulling the edge of the blade and making it blunt a lot faster.

The good thing about double-edge razor blades is that they are almost universal in the type of razors they can fit into. At Shaving Market, all our reusable safety razors are fit for razor blades from any leading brand. The good thing about double-edge razor blades is that they are almost universal in the type of razors they can fit into. So, you can be assured that no matter the reusable safety razor brand you choose, you will not need to change your favorite choice of razor blades as well.